Melanzi project


Cultivating is a wonderful word that encompasses several nuances: indulge a passion and keep it alive; devote yourself to an idea, feeding it day after day; tending a land with dedication and love, producing good and genuine fruits from it.

Since 2003, we have been cultivating and taking care of our project without being afraid to change because, even though it is sometimes scary, without change there is no innovation. So we have evolved without giving up the authenticity that has always distinguished us, and from the experience of Ortonatura our new brand was born: Melanzì.

Tradition that points to the future

Melanzì is the tradition that points to the future, a combination of a past devoted to the earth and a future that wants to teach the world that innovating does not mean abandoning what has been, rather enhancing it by giving it the importance it deserves.

For generations we have been growing vegetables in full respect of the environment. The experience gained over the years has allowed us to refine our knowledge and adopt new technologies to be able to offer 100% Sicilian products from the supply chain, capable of satisfying the heart and palate by creatively combining the typicality of yesterday with the refinement of tomorrow.

Taste to believe.