We bring to your tables only genuine vegetables grown in a natural way


We optimize the water, energy and operational resources of our fields and warehouses.


We use auxiliary insects that protect crops from harmful ones.

Melanzì is the child project of the ortonatura company which, through its experience in the production and marketing of products, wants to bring the best products distributed by us to your consumers.


Working the land is a responsibility that should not be underestimated and we are aware of this. Each of our choices is based on green values that impose on us the moral obligation to respect the environment, adopting processes and tools typical of sustainable agriculture, including: a rainwater collection system to irrigate crops and installation of photovoltaic panels to power the company. Even some of our packaging is totally recyclable and made with non-toxic ink, designed to limit environmental pollution and protect your health.

Traceability and safety

We aim to improve your well-being by adopting tools and technologies capable of guaranteeing maximum safety. Transparency is important, which is why our vegetables are traceable and subjected to strict controls during all stages of the agri-food chain.

With a view to innovative evolution, we have decided to start the process for the adoption of the blockchain: the revolutionary technology that will allow you to know the production process of each vegetable, from the moment of harvesting to placing on the market, simply by scanning the QRcode on the label or packaging.


Discover the whole world of melanzì

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